Smart solutions for wine: Defranceschi - Sacmi launches Enology 4.0


With Sacmi, the H.E.R.E. (Human Expertise for Reactive Engineering) system controller enters the wine cellar. A new approach to wine-making and bottling, which exploits and systematises Industry 4.0 opportunities and principles in this sector, too.

Defranceschi-Sacmi is revolutionising the wine-making process with an innovative set of digital solutions for wine cellars. The result is Enology 4.0, the new production approach which implements the Sacmi H.E.R.E. (Human Expertise for Reactive Engineering) platform.

By exploiting state-of-the-art sensors and machine-department interconnection, H.E.R.E. allows users to exploit all the opportunities of Industry 4.0 applied to wine-making, from predictive diagnostics on machines and systems to novel and more effective stock management resulting from the ability of the system to interface directly with the customers' ERP.

A genuine system controller which steps beyond the traditional line supervisor concept, Sacmi H.E.R.E. was developed in 2015 as common platform for all Sacmi business activities and areas. In the wine-making sector, for instance, the system allows constant monitoring of all key process steps, from quality control on the field to bottling and labelling.

All Defranceschi-Sacmi machines – from innovative membrane presses to automated product handling systems, filling machines and depositing and storage tanks – can communicate with each other using H.E.R.E. and provide valuable information on system efficiency to the operator with the possibility of setting automatic production feedback to maximise performance and/or identify and solve potential critical issues in advance.

In this way, the Group is launching the challenge in a sector in which the application of smart manufacturing principles will increase competitiveness and efficiency in customer satisfaction perspective and enhance the value of the wine product as expression of tradition, identity and centuries of wine making culture, which by exploiting new technologies Sacmi is renewing and projecting into the future.

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